Children's Dinnerware | Bowls | Sand | 4 Pack
Children's Dinnerware | Bowls | Sand | 4 Pack

Children's Dinnerware | Bowls | Sand | 4 Pack

Our Australian designed children’s bamboo dinnerware combines sustainable and renewable bamboo fibre with PLA (a bio plastic made from corn starch or tapioca). This thoughtfully created and earth conscious dinnerware is dishwasher & microwave safe, stylishly designed to fit the modern home and all beautifully presented in a specially crafted box. 




T H E  B E S T  B I T S !

Made with 100% Natural Materials (Bamboo + PLA)

Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Safe


Free from BPA & Melamine

Compostable & Biodegradable

Temperature tolerance: -20C – 110C 


S E T  I N C L U D E S:

4 x Bowls (15cm diameter x 5cm depth)


H O W  T O  L O O K  A F T E R  M E:

Always give me a wash first!

I am absolutely dishwasher safe but like most kitchen items I will last a lot longer if you hand wash me. If using the dishwasher please put me in the top rack.

I am microwave safe, however please don’t put me in the the oven.

As I am made with natural materials, I am not completely unbreakable. If dropped from a height or on to hard surfaces I may break or crack.


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Grace Hinds

Beautiful bowls!! Seriously the most aesthetically pleasing children’s bowls out there.