What is the dinnerware made from?

Our dinnerware has been made from a combination of PLA and bamboo. Put simply…PLA is a bioplastic made from things like corn starch or tapioca. This is combined with bamboo fibre to create a material that is made from 100% natural materials and will eventually breakdown in the environment without leaving the nasty traces that petroleum derived plastics do.


Do they contain any toxins?

No. In fact, PLA is commonly used in medical implants that biodegrade within the body over a period of time.


How durable is it?

As it is made from natural materials it will never be as strong as plastic or silicone, which is why it is so great for the environment, it will actually break down. The life of your dinner set will depend on how it treated and the floor surfaces that you have in your home but it is more durable than its bamboo counterparts and can definitely take a few hits!


Is it Microwave and Dishwasher Safe?

 Yes! It is absolutely safe to use in both. Like all kitchen items however, it will last a lot longer if you hand wash them. Over time the harsh environment of a dishwasher and the detergents that we use break down and erode everything that we put in it – even our pots and pans.


Where are your products made?

 We use a small factory in China and partners here in Australia to ensure they are not only compliant from a product, safety and humanitarian perspective but also to ensure that they are in line with the Amelia Frank values.

Although the products are not physically made here in Australia, we have designed every aspect and we support no less than 5 other Australian small businesses through the design and distribution of our products. These are all small businesses that rely on the trade of other businesses like us to support their families.